Important Covid-19 Performance Update And Other (Better) News

As we are all aware, the world is currently in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, one that we likely haven’t seen in our lifetime and hopefully never will again. Thus, Fraid Knot regretfully would like to state the obvious and officially announce the cancellations or postponements of upcoming future shows. To all of those who’ve […]

Fraid Knot in pre-production for new album

Some exciting news from the band as a new album is finally in the works! We’ve received so many kind messages and notes from people since the release of Pint of Trad a few years ago asking when our next album is coming out and we can finally say that it is officially in the […]

2014 Taylor 814ce First Edition Review

Hey everyone – this ones for my fellow gear heads!  I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this new guitar so I thought I’d put up an unbiased review of it in our blog rather than watching YouTube’s of guys trying to sell you one.  Power to them but after all, they have […]

The calm before the storm….

Well, after an insane July the guys are taking a well earned break for the next couple of weeks before we get back into our usual schedule.  Some of our favorite shows of the year coming up this month so it’s a great time to get rested up.  Starting off we’ve had the honor of […]

Stampede shenanigans and post flooding follow up.

On the eve of the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth” we’re resting  and getting ready to rip it up for the next 10 days or so as is the rest of the city for sure.  In the days following the flood that we’ll talk about forever in this city, life is slowly beginning to return […]

Calgary flood 2013 and the aftermath…

Well, it’s only been a few days since the waters rose up and crippled our city in a way like none of us have ever seen before.  A very surreal feeling living through a disaster of this magnitude and the fact that we’ve received messages from literally all corners of the earth from concerned friends […]

A very special performance and heading to B.C.

The band was called in to do a last minute performance for a very special wedding at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre of the Foothills Hospital last Sunday.  Without going in to too many details we would just like to pass along a huge congratulations to the happy couple and a big thank you to […]

John Page Guitars

Hello everyone, we had a great question sent to the website a few days ago so in response – here goes nothing!  Remember, if you have anything you’d like discussed in this forum feel free to shoot us an e-mail at  We’ll have Glenn respond to this one. This question came from Matt in […]

The morning after…

Well, in this case it’s more morning(s) after…  Wow – where to start???  We had an incredible run of shows over the weekend so we’ll do this in chronological order: Starting Saturday afternoon at the Ship & Anchor we “hosted” the afternoon jam.  Not really a typical “jam hosting” but we did our show with […]

St. Patricks Day Mayhem…..

We enjoyed a great show at the St. James Corner last night and as always a huge thanks to those who came out.  It’s a fabulous pub and we always enjoy our time there.  We took things easy this weekend in preparation for the upcoming week as this is always our busiest time of the […]

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