Calgary flood 2013 and the aftermath…

Well, it’s only been a few days since the waters rose up and crippled our city in a way like none of us have ever seen before.  A very surreal feeling living through a disaster of this magnitude and the fact that we’ve received messages from literally all corners of the earth from concerned friends and listeners really drives home the massive scale of this tragic event.  The full extent of the damage to our beautiful city we probably won’t know for a very long time but thus far the loss of life has blessedly been fairly minimal considering what we could have been potentially dealing with.  A huge acknowledgment has to go out to the “City of Calgary” all the way from the Mayor to emergency responders and to the citizens themselves for pulling together in this trying time.  It’s amazing that we seemed as prepared as we were with such short notice – seemingly successfully evacuating nearly 100,000 people which no doubt saved countless lives.  Not to be forgotten, some of our favourite towns were hit so hard as well – notably Canmore, Okotoks and High River – all places we play on a regular basis and where we have friends and family residing.  Although we definitely aren’t out of danger yet, the rivers are finally beginning to recede leaving behind a swath of destruction that they’ve carved through the city.   Our thoughts go out to those down stream that are bracing for the full effect of this to hit their cities shortly and we wish you all the best.  Stay on high ground and remember everything else can be replaced, just keep you and yours safe as at the end of the day, that truly is all that matters.

On a significantly lesser note our shows during Stampede (July 5/6 and July 12/13) have been moved to Donegal’s as sadly the Joyce on 4th (one of our favourite venues to play nearly since the bands inception) is in one of the hardest hit areas of the city.

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