Meet Fraid Knot – a band once dubbed by a local journalist, “western Canada’s hardest working ambassadors of contemporary Celtic music.” Influenced by the sounds of the musical pioneers who’ve journeyed down this path before, the band’s distinctive “Celt” sound is defined by the eclectic mix of musical personalities that have come together to create what we know today as Fraid Knot .Calmer than the Drop Kick Murphy’s, edgier than Great Big Sea, happier than the Pogues and still traditional enough to please the ear of many a purist, Fraid Knot truly bridges the gap between Celtic and Rock. The band is a technical, high energy group of musicians who embrace elements from Scottish, Irish and of course Canadian music to serve up their own unique “knotified” sound that is present in both original music as well as their interpretation of Celtic classics.

Always a fan favorite in the Canadian west, the release of the band’s debut album “Hoist the Sails” placed Fraid Knot firmly on the international stage with media coverage, radio play and album sales extending throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 2011’s follow up recording entitled “A Pint of Trad” was a nod to the band’s roots and their mutual love of traditional Celtic music.  Originally intended to be solely “cover” songs, one original, (the gentle lament, “Meet Me Tonight”) snuck on to the disc as it fit stylistically.  In a testament to the bands strong songwriting, this track has become the unofficial single from this endeavor and has been warmly embraced by fans and radio stations alike.

Despite the widespread interest of the last two albums, the bands live show is still the basis for the Knot’s continual success.  The high energy and incredible tempo of their performance combined with the groups musical abilities and flawless vocal harmonies give a polished, professional show that continues to captivate their audiences over a decade into their celebrated career.  Fraid Knot has truly stood the test of time and shows no signs of slowing down…



    Place of birth: Quidi Vidi Gut, NL (Took a wrong turn on way to hospital)
    Sign: Under Construction
    Instruments played: Guitar, mandolin, Irish Whistles, nose harp, & Ugly stick.
    My favorite things: Saturday Morning coffee.
    Pet peeves: Recycled Toilet paper .
    Favorite Fraid Knot song (so far): Capt. Morgan.
    Drink: ½ 7Up, ½ water (with 7 ice cubes and a green straw).
    Artists I admire: People that can write their entire name in the snow.
    Thing that makes me go hmmm…: Why there is ashtrays outside the doors of the elementary school.
    If I wasn’t a musician I’d probably be: A singer.

  • Glen Morangie

    Glen Morangie

    Place of birth: …        

    Sign: Virgo

    Instruments played: Electric/acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, vocals, electric triangle
    My favorite things:  Cuddly puppies, long walks on the beach, home dentistry.
    Pet peeves: Sloppy drunks, reality tv, traffic.
    Favorite Fraid Knot song (so far): When Doves Cry… er… I mean Seagull’s Cry.
    Drink: Guiness, Kilkenny & most single malt Whisky’s older than the band (12 +). I’m a scotch snob.
    Artists I admire: Zevon, Springsteen, Pink Floyd – any artist that practices his craft with intelligence.
    Thing that makes me go hmmm…:  Texting.  Doesn’t anyone actually “talk” anymore???
    If  I wasn’t a musician I’d probably be: Unemployed.



    Place of birth: Rome, Italy (Irish Quarter)
    Sign: Aries/Taurus Cusp (I’m a cussper)
    Instruments played: Accordion, Accordian, Squeeze Box, Stomach Steinway.
    My favorite things:  X chromosomes: in pairs or in multiple pairs but never less than 2 and single.
    Favorite Fraid Knot song (so far): The Happy Wanderer Polka….knotified.
    Drink: don’t mind if I do, Gracias.
    Artists I admire:  anybody that tries and does.
    Thing that makes me go hmmm?: Ancient Alien Theory…yikes!
    If I wasn’t a musician I’d probably be: OMG. I’ve made it?

  • Lael Johnston

    Lael Johnston

    Place of birth: Calgary, Canada
    Sign: Virgo
    Instruments played: Percussion. And cowbell.
    My favorite things:   Is really hot when sung by Julie Andrews
    Pet peeves: Last call and last call
    Favorite Fraid Knot song (so far): Sentimental Lady
    Drink: Keiths and  Coffee
    Artists I admire: Edvard Munch and Paul Klee
    Thing that makes me go hmmm?:  Italian art films
    If  I wasn’t a musician I’d probably be: a guitarist

  • JC Macdonald

    JC Macdonald

    Place Of birth: he’s from Prince Edward island
    Sign: Peace
    Instruments played:  Too many!
    My favorite things: Pulling mussels from a shell
    Pet peeves: Having to pull mussels from a shell
    Favorite Fraid Knot song (so far): Brown Eyed Girl
    Drink: Potato mash
    Artists I admire: Donny and Marie Osmond
    Things that make me go hmmm: My lips.
    If I wasn’t A musician I’d probably be: A drummer.

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