The calm before the storm….

Well, after an insane July the guys are taking a well earned break for the next couple of weeks before we get back into our usual schedule.  Some of our favorite shows of the year coming up this month so it’s a great time to get rested up.  Starting off we’ve had the honor of being asked to represent Eastern Canada for the International Youth Agriculture Summit at the gorgeous Martha Cohen Theatre.  This will be a private show so please don’t try to access it. 

If you DO want to hit a show though, collectively one of our favorite gigs of the year takes place on August 24th in Okotoks, Alberta.  The Foothills Highland Games has it all.  Great location, great event and even greater people.  In light of everything that’s gone on this year in that area (catering to High River & Okotoks) we’re sure these resilient people will be looking to blow off a little steam as you can imagine.  We have reports of people coming from as far away as the USA for this party so you know it’s a good one!  Remember this is a child-friendly event despite the copious amounts of liquor that will be flowing so save the baby sitter money and bring the kids along.  This event WILL be sold out so make sure you get tickets in advance. 

If you want mayhem, you’ve got it.  The pandemonium that is the Drake is your solution to trying to find the ulitmate Highland party this side of Glasgow.  This show is INSANE and has never let us down.  Absolutely the busiest party we play every year and we don’t see any reason as to why this years bash would be any different.  We should be hitting the stage around 10:00 pm so see you there!

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