St. Patricks Day Mayhem…..

We enjoyed a great show at the St. James Corner last night and as always a huge thanks to those who came out.  It’s a fabulous pub and we always enjoy our time there.  We took things easy this weekend in preparation for the upcoming week as this is always our busiest time of the year.

Check out the Upcoming Shows page on this site to keep up on our schedule this week or any other for that matter.  You can actually click on the “Subscribe” button and it will automatically update your calendar on your computer and/or smart phone.  Pretty handy!

With the St. Patricks Day madness looming on the horizon we are getting geared up for some great shows with a few private appearances.  We won’t get into details, but man – shouldn’t we all work for companies that put on a Paddy’s Day party for their employees????  Now THAT should make the “Top Companies To Work For” list if anything should.  After all – anybody can throw a Christmas party!!!

If you’re a fan of afternoon libations, come on down for the rare opportunity to see the band host a Celtic jam at the Ship & Anchor on 17th Ave at 2:00 p.m.  We’ve done this only once in the bands history and it was probably close to 10 years ago so avoid the decade long wait for the next one and take this opportunity to come show off your mad Celt skills on the big stage at the Ship!

Saturday we’ll be warming up for the big day at Jameson’s on 17th SW in the beltline at 9:00 p.m.  We’ve played a lot of the Jameson groups venues over the years and they’re always a blast so try and make it down.

We hope you’ve all booked Monday off (although it should be a stat holiday…)  Join us for our annual Paddy’s tradition at the James Joyce on 8th ave on Sunday, March 17th.  We used to play 5 separate venues a day years ago and it was a logistical nightmare, albeit a ton of fun.  Gone are the days of cabbing it from gig to gig to make the next show (try and find parking on St. Patricks Day in the downtown core not to mention the beer factor…)  There was even a time when we piled into the back of a passing half ton to make it to the next venue if memory serves!  Alas, time takes it’s toll on everyone and although we don’t have to worry about transportation anymore, this is still our craziest day of the year.  Parking ourselves exclusively at the Joyce as we have for the past several years, we take the stage at 11:00 a.m. and play through until 1:00 a.m. the following morning.  This is the best party in the city and trust us – we’ve probably played them all at some point or another, and the Joyce does it up SO well.   You won’t be ingesting copious amounts of green food colouring (who does that to a beer anyway???) but if you want a “true” Irish pub with a fabulous atmosphere and the best pint of Guinness this side of Co. Galway this is the place to be.  We see so many of the same faces year after year it’s just a great, comfortable party.  If you want a table, come VERY early or consider the Joyce’s VIP tickets as this will be packed.  You’ve been warned….  See everyone on Sunday and if you can’t make it down, have a great Paddy’s Day – Sláinte!!!

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