A Pint O’ Trad in remix

The band is currently having their last full length CD release, “A Pint O’ Trad” remixed and remastered and should be re-released in the next couple of months.  That’s a lot re’s in one statement isn’t it???  Thankfully with the worldwide support the groups received from the last couple of albums FK is currently nearly completely sold out of this CD and while this title will still be available for digital sale, physical copies of the original version are nearly gone.  When “Pint” was originally released it was done with a timeline that was nearly impossible to keep but the band and producers managed to pull it off (which amazed everyone involved!)  To put it in perspective, from the original date the group to decided to record a new CD, 6 weeks later it was available for sale.  That included song selection, recording, mixing, mastering, album design, printing and shipping (which takes a month itself) so as you can tell it was a very quick process.

With the albums popularity the group has decided to put some time into polishing the finished product and using the opportunity to release an updated version which will include all tracks being completely remixed and remastered and they’ve even gone back into the studio and added a few different parts to the existing tracks.  After living with the songs for a couple of years and performing them live the group wanted to change a few things that have evolved in the live shows since the albums original release date.  Nothing major and drastic will be done but for the audiophiles and big fans of the album, this might be something you’d enjoy.  A big thanks to all who’ve supported the group over the years and caused both CD’s to sell out over and over again – we hope you enjoy the next release as much.  Watch for it in the upcoming months!  P.S. – if you’d like a sample of what the re-mixed songs sound like, we’ve added a sneak preview to the media player at the top of the site.  The remixed version of “Black is the Color” is available as streaming audio.  If you have any feedback, as always e-mail the site, we’d love to hear from you!!!



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